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Stop Ohio Proficiency Tests!
Stop High-Stakes Testing!

We Need Authentic Assessment NOW!

We believe that children should not be judged on one test alone for such high stakes events as being promoted to the next grade, or for graduation.

We believe that Authentic Assessments, not High-Stakes Standardized Tests, are more appropriate to determine how a child is learning, and what a child has learned. Authentic Assessments are also more appropriate to understand why a child may be struggling.

Things to consider:

  • Children are born ready to learn.
  • Learning is developmental. 
  • Learning occurs naturally when it has context and purpose for the learner.
  • When the material being taught is not meaningful for the learner, the learner will not fully understand the material.
  • Over-reliance on testing promotes learning snippets of facts, and also promotes an aversion to digging deeper into a particular subject.
  • Authentic Assessment allows teachers and parents to see how a student understands and uses a concept in context.

Not sure about what the fuss about testing is all about? Please read this FAQ of common questions about High-Stakes Tests (adapted from the FAQ at FairTest).

Please, come into our website, and learn more about the things taking place in the name of education.  Agree?  Disagree? Get involved and let your voice be heard.  

This site has an incredible amount of links, against, for, and about testing and much information about education and learning. Bookmark it now, and visit us again!  

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World of Opportunity
Students who get pushed out of the system find another way to make it.
WOO information

Conference Information
Alternative Education Resource Organization (AER0)
2006 Conference.  June 29th - July 2nd 
"Educational Alternatives: Finding Our Commonalities and Celebrating Our Differences"
"The AERO Conference '06, "Educational Alternatives: Finding Our Commonalities & Celebrating Our Differences" will attempt to bring together and connect many of the educational alternatives in North America and abroad."  
Early Bird Registration Ends March 1st.
Rates increase March 2nd.

Have a conference or other event you'd like to have listed?  Let us know!

For current articles about atrocities in education and testing, please also see Susan Ohanian's website. She gathers news from all over the United States.  Do a Search on your state, or on a specific topic.

Two Viewpoints Teach For America Report
Effects of Teach for America on Students
SECTQ (Southeast Center for Teaching Quality) responds to Teach for America Study 

New York City Mayor Bloomberg knows how to get the votes he wants for the newest education initiative (retention for any 3rd grader who fails The Test) -- He Dismissed Dissenters! Also, see here.

Look at these Bills to Reform No Child Left Behind (NCLB).  What do you think?  Write your congressperson!  

News Archives



Please submit any URL of an article you think is appropriate and needs to be shared.  This will rotate as new articles are brought to our attention.  

SAT Errors Highlight Test's Imperfections. This article asks..."Just how much risk of error is tolerable when students' futures are at stake?" March 11, 2006

 Special Series: Flunking the Test, Dayton Daily News (You must "sign in" to read article, user name and e-mail address, and password.)

"A Balanced School Accountability Model: An Alternative to High-Stakes Testing" Phi Delta Kappan, 2004

"Ten "Must Know" Facts about Educational Testing" National PTA Website.

Retention and Social Promotion: Wrightslaw, a group which provides "accurate, up-to-date information about special education law and advocacy for children with disabilities" has compiled several articles and links from several organizations about retention. As well, they have compiled a High-Stakes Testing Flyer with many resources listed. 

Testing High Stakes Tests (National study which mentions Toledo and Fairfield Ohio), 2003

Students Left Behind By Exit Exams -- Article which includes Ohio students

Brief Commentary on Ohio's Proficiency Tests (old site, but much information about Ohio's tests here)

Graduation Test to be given to Ohio high school students.

Interview:  David L. Brennan about Cleveland Schools.  (Things to consider.... Are our children "products"? Can education truly become a "profit-making enterprise?"  What is the bottom line in such institutions -- life-long learners (students who are vested in learning throughout their lives), or the "profitability" of the school?)    


Visit Substance which is a monthly investigative newspaper devoted to in-depth reporting on the major issues facing public education.  Reporters are people who once are (or were) in the system, teachers, parents or other workers.

An article from a parent in support of testing.

A research paper on the Social Implications of North Carolina's Accountability Program. (PDF)

Pro and Con articles about the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS)

Information about MCAS 

"Standardized Testing and Its Victims" Alfie Kohn in Education Week, September, 2000 (see other articles by Alfie here)

"High Stakes Tests: The Dog Ate Our Common Sense" --  Orlando Sentinel, May 2003

"National Study Debunks High Stakes Tests as Way to Improve Public Schools"  -- The  Resistance, January 2003

Effects of State Testing Programs on Elementary Schools with High Concentration of Student Poverty -- Good New or Bad News? -- Current Issues in Education, Vol. 6 2003

"We hung the most dimwitted essays on the wall" -- Salon, June 2002

Standardized tests erode rather than enhance education, says psychology professor.

One Teacher's Opinion about the high-stakes testing movement. 


Let your voice be heard!

Our message board is currently not active, but will be shortly.  Please check back to visit us soon. Your opinion is important to us. 

We want to hear from anyone who wants to speak for, against, and about the requirements for testing and other educational matters. 

PLEASE NOTE: When you first log on to our message board it asks you to sign in -- you can use a unique name. It may ask for your real e-mail address. This feature allows us to keep SPAM out of the message board.  ALL information used to sign in is confidential and will not be used by anyone, including the moderator of this board. 



"Information cannot replace education." Earl Kiole

-- 2006 *updates in progress*

Fair Use for Educational Purposes:
The links provided in this website take you to original websites, and occasionally to material that may have been previously copyrighted.  We state that the material used in this site is used without profit and it is distributed for educational and research purposes only, in accordance to Section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Please contact the copyright owner if you want to use copyrighted material for other than 'fair use' purposes.  It is important to recognize that a democracy is based on ready access to materials, which we are striving to provide to you.

Organizations Opposed to High-Stakes Testing

Consider this... the following list*  of over 50 organizations have position statements about the High-Stakes use of Standardized Testing (see links here).  So ask yourself...if so many educational and other child-centered organizations throughout the United States and Canada are against this practice, then why are non-educators making such educational mandates for our children?

*originally compiled by FairTest with some additions from us.

Ohio Education Association
American Evaluation Association 
American Association for Higher Education (AAHE)
Additional Organization and State Resolutions  compiled by CalCARE -- California Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education
Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA)
American Evaluation Association (AEA)
Alliance for Childhood
American Association of School Administrators
American Association of University Women (WI)
American Civil Liberties Union
American Educational Research Association (AERA)
American Society for Ethics in Education
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Association of Childhood Educator's International (ACEI)
American Psychological Association
Applied Research Center
Canadian Psychological Association and the Canadian School Psychologists
Center for Collaborative Education
Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Center for Law and Education
Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education (by APA)
Commonwealth Educational Policy Institute (CEPI)
Consortium for Equity in Standards and Testing (CTEST)
Foundation for Excellent Schools
Harvard Civil Rights Project
The International Dyslexia Association
International Reading Association (IRA)
Massachusetts Teachers Association
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
National Academy Press (NAP)
National Association for the Education of Young Children 
National Association of Elementary Principals
National Association of Secondary School Principals
National Board on Educational Testing and Public Policy
National Coalition of Educational Activists
National Council of Social Studies
National Council of La Rasa (NCLR)
National Council of Teachers of English
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
National Council of Measurements in Education
National PTA
National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grade Reform
National Research Council
NCR Board on Testing and Assessment
National Women's Law Center
North Carolina School Psychology Association
Ontario Secondary School Teachers Foundation
President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans
Rouge Forum
Scarsdale, New York Board of Education Statement
Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
Whole Language Umbrella
Wrightslaw (Special Education Law and Advocacy for Children with Disabilities)


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